The Case for Conservatives

In co-hosting the podcast Undecided, one of my favorite experiences was talking with different people about their viewpoints. One of my favorite interviewees ever (as in, in my career of interviewing people) was this one, with Rev. Evan McClanahan of Houston’s Evangelical Lutheran Church and host of the rado show and podcast Sin Boldly. He packaged it up for his own program. I’m sharing it here.

We talked about religious conservatives, among which McClanahan counts himself, and the Republican race, especially Donald Trump. Of the interview, McClanahan writes, “I don’t hold back, but I do my very best to concisely offer reasons for the ‘moral conservative’ worldview I hold to, and offer reasons to be concerned by socialism, demagogues and other malcontents who run for office.” He’s right. He doesn’t hold back. Whether you agree with McClanahan or not, you have to appreciate his clarity and his unwillingness to allow the political winds to dictate what he believes in. If only everyone had that sort of integrity.