I love the Online News Association, used to be a member and appreciate the work they do. Unfortunately, ONA released a WordPress plugin, ONA Event Manager, without even rudimentary information, a promised FAQ, and little guidance.

I figured I would offer up some ONA Event Manager tutorial information that should be outlined, but is not, for those searching online about using ONA Event Manager.

First, you can view your own schedule at the /sessions page and the speakers at the /speaker page. You think this might be written down in the installation guide… alas, no.

If you’re trying to render images from your speaker Google Sheet, be aware doing so via Google Drive, even sharing the images and making them publicly viewable, does not work. They should be uploaded to a website.

While it’s important to follow the schedule instructions, a crucial bit of information left out is that you must ensure your WordPress install is set to UTC, rather than local time. Otherwise, the ONA Event Manager plugin will offset your main /session page, no matter what your Google Sheet reads.

I found very little on how to effectively use the tool in my Internet searches. Hopefully this helps you on your ONA Event Manager adventure. I ditched the WordPress plugin, but perhaps it will work for you. If I get other recommendations, I’ll add to this page.