Men and Feminism

Robert Jensen’s The End of Patriarchy: Radical Feminism for Men, by the author’s contention, is aimed at men. I examined the book in a new review.

Jensen is one of progressivism’s more intriguing figures. Like Chris Hedges, he’s been courageous in speaking out against pornography and prostitution. Jensen’s critique of the transgender movement has generated plenty of controversy, in part because his analysis is provocative. His mix of self-awareness, willingness to challenge liberalism on solidarity with radical feminism, and questions he raises are all worthy of consideration.

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A postscript: I make a reference to the notion of white feminism and perceptions it is out of touch. By and large, this comment is aimed at the identitarian liberal wing, which simultaneously focuses on female empowerment, while celebrating the sex trade, which disproportionately affects women in the Third World.