Insights Sought on #PubRadioVoice

Public Radio Voice and how it impacts women and people of color, especially Black and Latino media makers, has been of much interest. I’d like your help studying this issue.

Chenjerai Kumanyika first wrote about Public Radio Voice for Transom. He echoes a fear many of us for whom English is a second language or who don’t have voices traditionally associated with public media face. The #PubRadioVoice dialog continues on Twitter, and elsewhere.

I’m in the midst of research for an essay on Public Radio Voice and its implications on race, gender and public media. What such issues mean particularly for Latino media makers will get some extra attention. I’d love to get your suggestions, links, thoughts, experiences or any opinions on such subjects. I’d be happy to credit you or keep you anonymous.

I’d love to hear from you via Twitter, Facebook or the contact form on the front page. Thank you very much!