Free Content Style Guide (DOC/ODT)

How public media and community radio stations dialog with the public online is critical. The following guide is intended as a best practices and training tool for stations.

I’m leading up a digital strategy brainstorm for KPFT, which began with a reimagining of our website into the open-source tool WordPress. However, the strategy includes remapping our online efforts to including podcasting, greater online engagement and other forms of original content. A big chunk of that is reorienting our people with how to write, what to write and why it matters in the online space.

I’ll be speaking on digital strategy at the National Federation of Community Broadcasters’ Twin Cities Summit. I’m sharing a component of that presentation. This Content Style Guide gives our staff a primer on how to write for web and social media; what our voice, tone and persona are as we speak online; and basic guidelines for use of graphics/images, copy editing, grammar and attribution/sourcing.

I’m a big believer in posting materials to help radio stations, particularly community radio, step up their game. NPR has done a fantastic job in educating stations through its Social Media Desk and sadly there isn’t more of that elsewhere.

This Content Style Guide was produced by me for the station I work for, KPFT. You are welcome to download these files to adapt to your own projects. Credit would be nice, but it’s more important to me to support stations.

KPFT Content Style Guide (Microsoft Word, .doc, format)
KPFT Content Style Guide (OpenOffice Writer, .odt, format)

You’re encouraged to come to Minnesota June 26 to continue the conversation at NFCB’s regional radio summit.