Exploring Personal History

After a lot of interest in my non-news writing, I’ve ventured again into deep personal waters.

“Of Monsters and Men” is my essay for Feminist Current examining violence against women, its impact on children, and its effect on my own life. In many respects, it’s a continuation of “Tell Your Sons” — an examination I wrote that was also published by Feminist Current.

This latest work began as an unpublished composition written November 2006, called “Reparations.” It mixes elements from another unpublished explication to tell a story of understanding personal history, masculinity, race and coming to terms with the past.

I owe a great debt to many who encouraged me to continue writing on these subjects. “Tell Your Sons” was one of my least shared writings, but it sparked the most direct (and incredibly frank) conversations I have had about my work.

I offer extra thanks to gifted writer and Feminist Current publisher Meghan Murphy, who spent time on the early draft of the piece. If you know Meghan’s work, you no doubt respect her fearless personal narratives. She’s also a wonderful longtime friend and ally.

While this may be the conclusion of personal writing for me, it’s been a real learning experience.

You can read this piece here. Heads up: It opens with a memory that I am told is quite graphic and very difficult to read.