Regarding Local Music

My new essay for Radio World reflects on the need to speak up for local music and communities. A new Congressional debate on royalty rates is drawing attention. I remark on some of the issues it creates for your area’s culture and commerce. My latest for Radio World is here.

Handling Hijacking

KPFK in Los Angeles is a station beleaguered with issues, from fundraising problems to programming suggesting homosexuality was caused by admiration of Black penises. General Manager Radford got let go recently. Her supporters then apparently stole the station’s social media accounts and continue to post rants against Radford’s ouster and that of Lydia Brazon, former board chair. It’s a move […]

About Milo, Sorta

One reason, among many, I’m critical of liberals, radicals and progressives of late is what feels like a lack of integrity. There’s rejoicing about the downfall of far-right troll Milo Yiannopoulos for advocating sex with children by arguing for their agency. The dirty secret is there’s plenty of tolerance on the left for sex worker narratives […]

A Radio Mixtape

I recently wrote about some great community radio programming that fits well for Black History Month, just as some are forgetting the month. All the energy seems to be spent at the start of Black History Month, but I wanted to keep the momentum going. Check my latest at the National Federation of Community Broadcasters’ blog.

Defending Public Funding

My first Radio World column on this issue delivered enough heat that I had to address public funding once again. In my newest for Radio World, I unpack a lot of the criticism of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, NPR and more. I also describe how this is not a partisan matter, but one of […]