A Radio Mixtape

I recently wrote about some great community radio programming that fits well for Black History Month, just as some are forgetting the month. All the energy seems to be spent at the start of Black History Month, but I wanted to keep the momentum going. Check my latest at the National Federation of Community Broadcasters’ blog.

Defending Public Funding

My first Radio World column on this issue delivered enough heat that I had to address public funding once again. In my newest for Radio World, I unpack a lot of the criticism of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, NPR and more. I also describe how this is not a partisan matter, but one of […]

Radio Diversity Love

Diversity remains a critical discussion in media. In my new Thoughts on Journalism essay, I make the case for community radio’s best efforts. Community radio often doesn’t get its due. As you may know, I try my best to give it more credit. There are valuable efforts. Please do support them and celebrate.

Refuting Bad Media

Liberal and conservative media are too often fed by clickbait. Yet guilt by association pandering and gotcha headlines have real-world consequences for communities. For my Thoughts on Journalism essay “3 Conservative Media Myths About CPB, and Why They’re Wrong,” I cite several examples of bad conservative media and why the claims are fallacious. I say […]

CPB’s Future

I make the case for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting in my new Radio World editorial. CPB faces being virtually eliminated by the federal government. At the heart of this move are longtime feuds over NPR content. Unfortunately, it impacts all non-commercial media, and is a betrayal of America’s commitment to educational broadcasting. You can review […]